myCCcove Cathedral City, CA
November 19, 2018
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History of the Cove  
This history of the "Cove" neighborhood plays a vital part in the identity of its residents. If you have lived in the neighborhood for many years, the Cove history is a heartfelt reminder of days gone by.

If you have just come to call the Cove home, it is a way to learn more about the new community you have joined.

We would love nothing more than to be able to share the history of the Cove with all who reside here. If you are interested in writing a brief history of the Cove to share and/or you have photo (other images) regarding the Cove, please contact us!

Cathedral City History
We're still looking for some Cove history, however in the is a little Cathedral City history.
The Cahuilla Indians were the original inhabitants of Cathedral City. They lived throughout the Coachella Valley for more than two thousand years. In 1876 the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians established their reservation which encompasses 28% of Cathedral City.

In 1850, Col. Henry Washington of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers discovered that the area's canyons resembled the interior of a grand cathedral. Recording history, he named this canyon of mosaic architecture Cathedral Canyon.

Four early developers later had the same impression; in 1925, they developed the areas first subdivision and named it Cathedral City, California.

Cove History by Jim Klein
Our friend Jim Klein is almost 90 years old and very sick as I write this. I was speaking with him at the hospital and he shared a couple tidbits with me regarding the Cove's history.

When he built his (now Terry & Art's) first house on Valley Vista Drive in 1956...he said that the 'fill dirt' in his front yard came from the home of Hoagy Carmichael house where he was building a swimming pool for him. (Note: Hoagy wrote many of his most famous songs over fifty years on the Hoagy web site below).

The reason Jim and his wife built this house was because to adopt his child, Kim, he was required to have a room specifically for the child. Therefore, they had to move from a one bedroom trailer to a two bedroom home.

During the building of this home and afterwards, he would set on his porch and watch other homes, below his home, being built. When the workers left the job, many of them would leave their trash (lunch, half-eaten sandwiches, etc.) lying around the work site. At sunset or dusk packs of coyotes would start to roam the work sites and rummage through the garbage. Jim would set on his porch to protect his property (and child) from the coyotes...he would shoot at the coyotes with his BB gun to chase them away. (It was a different time in the '50s to do this but without fencing, etc....these animals were freely roaming their front and back yards.)

Also, the reason I added the picture is because this was a familiar landmark during the time Jim and Dorothy were first living in the Cove in the 50s.

More to come as I speak with this lovely couple 'Jim and Dorothy Klein'.


Famous Cove Residents
How many of you remember William 'Hopalong Cassidy' Boyd? Believe it or not he was an early (lower) Cove resident on Second Street. Unfortunately his home was reclaimed by the Cathedral City Redevelopemnt Agency.
Are their any of you out there that remember the name of his horse? have probably was 'Topper'.