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November 19, 2018
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Classified Ads-It's FREE!!! Today's Tips 
Are you looking for a new car, boat or truck? How about a reliable babysitter or someone to help you cut the lawn? Maybe someone that is creating "art" or crafts. Regardless of the item or service, you may find it right in your own Cove backyard! This is a wonderful place to search for and post items or services you are looking to buy or sell.

This section will be used to post items similar to a classified section in the local newspaper, except all of the entries originate directly from your own "Cove" neighborhood!

Be creative with your classified postings, and make sure to check back often to read the latest entries!
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Home Improvement

Alternative Versions As To Exterior String Light Bulbs

Product Description :

RRP: $22.95
Your Price: $9.95
(You save $13.00)
Brand: Green Supply
Weight: 0.50 LBS
Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.
Shipping: $1.99 (Fixed shipping cost)

Outdoor string lights have been around for years, but have just recently grown very popular. They are perfect for outdoor get-togethers, patio dining, or for the simple use of lighting walkway. Instead of the modern varieties of lighting, many people are opting for string lights because of how competitive they are in price, as well as their durability. If you are buying string lights, then there are several types that you should be familiar with. Outdoor string lighting is available in a wide numerous designs, colors, lengths, styles, and models.

When shopping for string lights you can discover the following:

Traditional: This is the model that many think of once they consider Christmas lights. All of the bulbs are on one circuit, meaning when one light goes out, then all the string will go out as well. Some suppliers are making them so that if one bulb does turn off, then the rest will stay lighted. However, this is common with most thread lights. The bulbs are the cheapest quality of string lights, and they also break easily. They are remarkably affordable though.

Rope Lights: These are LED bulbs which are enclosed in clear plastic-type tubing. Because of the tubing, it resembles a rope, hence the label. The rope string lights are flexible and can be manipulated to fit in different spaces. Fortunately they are easy to hold and useful to store after use.

Net Lights: This model of lighting is designed specifically for bushes or trees. The lights are connected on mesh so that they can cover larger spaces at on one occasion. The bulbs are generally LED bulbs.

Contact :

Phone : Talk to a green specialist
10am PST - 6pm PST

Email :

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Phone Number: 8008601387